The success of the new format of the Fòrum Gastronòmic Girona will be replicated in the next edition


The Torres brothers, Rodrigo de la Calle, Maria José Sanromán and startups star in the last day for professionals


The Fòrum Gastronòmic Girona has closed today, with a very successful balance of the new formula that has been implemented in this ninth edition, separating the activities aimed at the final public from those aimed specifically at the professional sector. Thus, the new format with Fòrum Ciutat and Fòrum Professional will be repeated in the next edition of the event.


The first part of the event was held over the weekend in Plaça Catalunya, with thousands of people visiting the free outdoor exhibition at the Fòrum Ciutat, with a very high level of satisfaction among exhibitors, and with a large number of visitors to the demonstration sessions. And today concluded the second part of the program with the celebration of the Fòrum Gastronòmic, which for two days has brought a multitude of professionals to the Auditori Palau de Congressos de Girona, with a clear international outlook and with the participation of prominent chefs from France, Germany and Italy.


It has been two days with a busy exhibitor area with more than 130 companies in the sector, and an intense program with more than fifty presentations with tastings, monographs, demonstrations, competitions and dialogues between professionals in the kitchen and the dining room, in a thematic show that has established itself as an attraction for international figures, references both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Among the presentations on the last day were the participation of Mateu Casañas and his team from Compartir, the multi-award-winning Torres brothers, the new line of drinks from Celler de Can Roca, the debate on the cuisine of then and now with Maria Nicolau, Josep Lladonosa and Jaume Subirós and the presentation of the Guide for the prevention of food wastage in the restaurant sector. Precisely this sensitivity towards the use of products and the sustainability of production systems has focused the main debates among the professional sector, in which also participated the Roca brothers, Paco Pérez, Antonio Muiños, Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigvert, or the quartet formed by Rodrigo de la Calle, Annette Abstoss, Xavier Pellicer and Jaume Torres who today have discussed the roots of vegetables in the kitchens.


At the same time, in the Fòrum's debate space, the world of gastronomic startups has been discussed today. In this area, the company MyChefTool has won the award for the best innovative company of the Fòrum Gastronòmic 2023.


One of the values of the Fòrum Gastronòmic Girona is the collaboration of the event with the different gastronomic groups in the area. This complicity with the Associació Hostaleria de Girona and the Associació de Professionals de Sala has allowed the organization of awards and different activities within the framework of the Forum, thus reinforcing the union of this strategic sector.


A commitment to training and offering gastronomic experiences all year round.


The Fòrum also puts the focus on training, to seek the professionalization of the sector from the first link in the chain. Thus, one of the most important activities will be the grand finale of the contest El Gran Banquet, promoted by Can Garús and the Fòrum Gastronòmic Girona itself, which will be held tomorrow at the facilities of the Escola d'Hostaleria de Girona.


And this will not be the only activity to be held outside the main four-day program of the event, since precisely one of the objectives is to offer unique gastronomic experiences throughout the year. That is why the Fòrum Gastronòmic 360 has been created, which will have the next staging in autumn with the celebration of a thematic day to address with the best professionals the talent in the kitchen and in the room, as well as the main challenges of the gastronomic sector.




Girona, March 21 2023